Thoughts & Shit – Stephen Js NFL Predictions & Proclamations – The Super Bowl & The End


Steve-stradamus strikes again!  I’ve been cold hard cash-money over the past 3 weeks, haven’t I?  Say what you will about my subpar predictions and proclamations for the 2013 regular season (insert personal grievance here) I’ve been on a roll of late.  As the ladies say, ‘it’s not about how you start but how you finish!’  Just ask the ladies.  When you do they’ll most likely a furrow brow (either good or bad).

I’ve been nothing short of ‘fitzmagic’ guessing all but one game wrong to this point and you can’t blame me for picking The Bengals over The Chargers – a ginger devil is to blame.  Trust me, he’s at home yucking it up like Scott Farkus.

Wilson OK

Yin vs. Yang

Despite this one being a real fork-in-the-road type game I feel confident.

We honestly could not have asked for a better Super Bowl match-up this year.  It is truly a Clash of the Titans!  The #1 seed in each Conference facing off with The Broncos having the #1 offense and The Seahawks owning the #1 defense.  They say that offense sells tickets while defense wins games and this Sunday we’ll see how that theory plays out.  This game is, literally, yin vs. yang.

I believe a I wrote a season ago that The Seahawks were on the cusp of becoming “The Dominant” team of the future led by a ferocious and innovative D, Beast Mode and the intuitive, mistake-free and sometimes magical play of 2nd year QB Russell Wilson.  I watched Wilson play in College numerous times with Wisconsin and he’s the type of player who makes big plays in the biggest of games.  When the pressure mounts he seems to play better and finds a way to make things happen by improvisation.  He’s been doing it long before he made it into the pros.  He was lucky to be drafted into the right system to start off his career and 36 games later he’s blossomed into as good as any QB in The League.  He doesn’t put up the numbers that his opponent does but he wins in a system that works for him and that’s all you really need.

Seattle’s D, as mentioned above, is ferocious bunch.  They are like a lion and a great white shark turned into to some sort of land and seafaring lionshark!  The front 4, linebackers and defensive backs are all Grits ‘N’ Gavy morning, noon and night.  Enough cannot be said about the Legion of Boom.  You could say that Sherman is their leader but they are all fantastic in their own right.  There isn’t a weak link and any one of them could make a play that will change the course of the game.  If any one thing is going to be the difference in this match-up it’s going to be The Hawks secondary. They are the ones standing between Manning and his second Lombardi trophy.

Peyton Manning

Denver has learned a lot from their loss last year to Baltimore.  Instead of relying on a never ending air-raid they’ve mixed in a strong running game and a serviceable D that keeps their offense on the field.  They have a middle of the road defense but when you have the best offense you give your defense a lot of rest with ample opportunities to take chances.  Although he does it often Manning doesn’t need to throw 4-5 touchdowns here to win.  Most important for Denver is to control the time of possession keeping Seattle’s offense on the sidelines which is exactly what they did to The Pats two weeks ago.  Denver was in control the entire game keeping The Pats and Brady on the sidelines in frustration mode.  The Broncos beat them in all facets of the game and Peyton was flawless like he has been all season.  How can you not feel like they don’t have a great shot to win this game?

Here’s the thing though  – The Hawks are an infinitely better team than The Patriots and any other team The Broncos have faced this year.  To me, that’s like saying Frank Stallone is equally as talented as his brother Sylvester.  Puuuleeeasse!  Frank’s good but not that good!

I’m hard pressed to think either team will blow out the other.  It’s going to be a close battle.  Manning is going to have to make pinpoint throws all game and I believe, at some point, Seattle’s D will take advantage of his noodle arm.  As great as Manning is no QB does well under pressure (and in the cold weather) and Seattle will bring the ruckus.  Seattle’s secondary takes chances and Manning sometimes floats the ball in there and sooner or later the Legion of Boom will jump on it and take advantage.  As for Seattle, if they can keep goddamn Percy Harvin healthy for just this game he’ll be a difference maker.  He may or may not put up huge numbers but having him in the game will make Denver’s D uneasy which will open up opportunities for Wilson to pick apart.  I’ve said it all season and I’m not changing my horse in midstream – Seattle’s going to win.  They are the toughest, smartest, best coached and meanest motherfuckers on the field and come Sunday, they’ll hoist the Lombardi trophy for the first time in their history.

NFC Championship - San Francisco 49ers v Seattle Seahawks

Hawks soar.  Caw, caw!

Thoughts & Shit – Stephen Js NFL Prediction & Proclamations, 2011-2014

Ever seen the show “Shark Tank”?  It’s with those 5 assholes who make up 51% of North America’s wealth.  On that show they say if you are not successful within 3 years of starting a business it’s time to call it a day.  Writing “Thoughts & Shit” has been fun and I appreciate the handful of you out there who have been loyal and have taken the time to read my nonsensical garbage week in and week out but it’s time to hang up the keyboard.

I’m sure I’ll be back in some other shape or form but a weekly NFL blog is no more.  All the best, watch lots of football, drink lots of beers or booze, eat bad food, be inactive all day and for the love of all that’s right in the world, go Bills!


(That’s me, Stephen J., Warrior)


5 thoughts on “Thoughts & Shit – Stephen Js NFL Predictions & Proclamations – The Super Bowl & The End

  1. Seattle’s D is like a Sharknado with lions in it and birds shitting on top of it. I really hope Denver wins because FUCK Seattle. It sucks that this is the last installment of Steve’s football talk but as they say you gotta go out on top.

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