Thoughts & Shit – Stephen Js NFL Predictions & Proclamations – Wylde Card Weekend

That was one big fat juicy shit sandwich the Kansas City Chiefs handed The Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday.  Mmmm, mmmm savor that after taste Steeltown.  Against all odds and some questionable refereeing The Chargers were able to pull off the victory in overtime against the KC second stringers and miraculously make it into the post-season.  Heaven’s to Betsy that was a nutty game.  All of Week 17 was topsy-turvy & upsy-downsy.  Just goes to show you anything can happen in The NFL and such has truly been the case all season.  It’s been one surprise after another but now it’s the playoffs or in other words Wylde Card Weekend, so let’s get wild!

9ers & Packers

It always seems like The Packers & 9ers face-off in the post-season and they always seem to have fantastic games.  The Pack barely squeezed by Chicago last week in an unimpressive victory.  That live ball fumble The Packers ran into the end zone was pure Keystone Cops bullshit and I have to be honest in saying that play bothered me.  In an NFL culture that’s all about protecting players I cannot believe the refs didn’t call that play dead.  What if a Bears player ran and cleaned Boykin’s clock while he was standing there holding the ball?  Would a flag have been thrown?  I wonder.

Regardless, The Pack are in and Rodgers has another week to practice to prepare for a much better D than The Bears.  Make no mistake the difference between The Bears D and San Fran’s is oil and water.  If this one was in San Fran I would go on record as saying The 9ers would give The Packers a Roman lashing that Jesus himself would find intolerable.  The fact that it’s cold and in Green Bay will play to their advantage but how much of an advantage is anyone’s guess.

The Pack have a good team but don’t have the chemistry going into the post-season whereas San Fran does.  With wins against Seattle and Arizona Frisco has proven they can beat anyone right now.  With WR Michael Crabtree back QB Colin Kaepernick looks like the QB in last season’s post-season run and that should bring shivers down the spine of every opposing D he’s going to face.

I see this starting off as a slow nip and tuck game but as the minutes go by San Fran will slowly but surely pick apart Green Bay en route to an impressive victory in the cold and on the road.

Chargers & Bengals

The Chargers are lucky to be in the playoffs.  Their spot could very easily be held by The Steelers and it’s funny to think of The Bengals against The Steelers instead of The Chargers.  It’s a very different game indeed and I’d be more inclined to say The Steelers would have a better chance winning in Cincy but Lady Luck favored The Chargers only to break their heart the following week.  I like San Diego and I think they could put up a bit of a fight but Cincy is borderline unstoppable at home and their D is amongst the best.  San Diego has firepower but their light will not shine bright this weekend.  Cincy’s D is just too good at home.  Ginger Dalton should fare well against San Diego’s D as well.  He’ll throw a few bombs A.J. Green’s way and I’m sure he’ll catch one or two or all.  He might throw a few interceptions as well but that never seems to bite him in the ass and I believe that’s because no one wants to take a bit out of a Ginger’s ass – they fart hellfire!

Cincy moves on.

Chiefs & Colts

It’s not about how you start but how you finish.  That’s what the ladies tell me anyhow and that is the case with both of these teams.  KC started the season hot as a Texas high school cheerleader going 9-0 before ending out the season like a Buffalo high school cheerleader at 2-5.  They’ve haven’t looked particularly strong of late and I don’t think any team out there is afraid of playing The Chiefs at home.  They just aren’t a team to be feared right now.  They, occasionally, play good D and have a ‘dink & dunk’ offensive attack with some good special teams play.  The Colts have a stingy D with a ball control offensive that has big play potential.  When Andrew Luck entered into The League everyone thought he was going to light up the scoreboard but he hasn’t had the weapons so he’s become a very good game manager much more so than game manager extraordinaire Alex Smith.

KC has an infinitely better run game but Indy has the better pass attack.  Both quarterback can run but Luck does it better and more often.  In the beginning of the season I would give KC’s D the edge but now I think that goes to Indy and both have big play potential with their Special Teams.  This one is in Indy so I’m hard pressed to think that Indy doesn’t have the advantage going into this one.  Also, Andrew Luck, in only his 2nd year, is much more reliable under pressure in the Big Game compared to Alex Smith.

So I have to go with Indy going into this one as they are the hotter team playing better football and they have home field advantage.  KC’s had a good season but when you look at it closer they’ve had an easy schedule and they were never dominant at any point.  Indy’s won some tough games this year against good competition so they have the better pedigree.

Eagles & Saints

The Saints are 8-0 at home this season and 3-5 on the road.  I really want to pick Cool Brees in this game but New Orleans is playing on the road in cold-ass Philly.  This alone is two strikes against The Saints.  The one saving grace is that Philly’s ‘bend-don’t-break’ D could very well bend till it breaks against The Saints high-powered offensive attack.

To me this game comes down to how well The Saints D can perform against Philly’s run game.  It’s as simple as that.  If The Saints can keep them in check then Brees will have ample opportunities to put points on the board and that’s never a good thing for opposing teams.  However, if they let Philly run wild then its lights out for New Orleans.  They won’t stand a chance.

When I sit on the can, in deep thought, trying to pinch off a doozy I can’t help but think of a young inexperienced Eagles team facing off against a Saints team with a Super Bowl ring.  The Saints have been here before and should be able to handle the pressure whereas The Eagles haven’t been to the playoffs in more than a few years and this will be QB Nick Foles 1st playoff experience.  Like a good quality ‘Rub ‘n’ Tug’ I have to chose experience over youth.  Saints win?


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